Hello there, my name's Charlotte (as you may have guessed), I'm 22 and from London. I work in beauty advertising and have a masters degree in Media and Public Relations. 

I'm a lover of baths, beauty products, fashion and burgers so this is my little creative space to write about it all. Expect to find beauty reviews, ramblings and hauls, personal style posts, travel tips, photo diaries and restaurant reviews from around London and wherever I am lucky enough to visit in the world.  

So this is the road that started it all off... well, kind of. I had been meaning to start a blog for years, but only after stumbling across this street on New Years Eve 2013 did I know what to call it. To me it suggests a journey and indicates what is right up my street, which I hope the blog will come to show.

New post every Sunday - after my job search and master's degree I haven't been posting as much as I'd have liked to, but I'm hoping to get back to posting twice a week

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