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28 December 2018

So turns out I've not actually logged into my Blogger account since April (literally where has 2018 gone?), but for some reason it's always during the lull between Christmas and New Year that I feel inspired to write again. I am hoping to post more often on here (how many times have I written that one before?), even if people don't read blogs like they used to!

Anyhow, there's a few beauty products I've been loving over the last few weeks that I thought were worth shouting about. These products were either early Christmas presents to myself (because I really can't help but treat myself whilst treating others), or were gifted to me as a thank you after we signed off a really exciting partnership project at work - which will be going live in the new year!!

So on to the products...

Starting with skincare, an absolute unsung hero as I haven't seen anyone talk about it anywhere, is the And Other Stories Body Lotion in Fig Fiction. I first picked this up in the Oxford Street store as it was 30% off and I can't say no to a fig fragrance or a discount. Now I'm usually awful at using a body moisturiser but with this handy pump for application and with this formula smelling so damn good, it's finally become a daily habit for me and this is a now a re-purchase - 10/10 would recommend. For the face, admittedly I only popped into Liberty's to take a pic of their beautiful Christmas display and somehow ended up leaving the store with REN's Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic. I'm a big fan of using an AHA and BHA tonic as part of my nighttime skincare regime (like Glossier's Solution or the original Pixi's Glow Tonic), as a chemical exfoliator, to ensure I'm removing my dead skin cells and doing all I can for a glowier complexion! This one in particular smells like a tangerine dream, and comes in a bigger bottle than the previously mentioned toners so I'm keen to see if this works in the long term. Whilst using a chemical exfoliator, I always need to use an eye cream to balance out the acids on my face as for some reason the skin around my eyes is super sensitive and can quickly become flaky and dried out. I'm also prone to dark circles and puffiness, so have been turning to Clinique's All About Eyes Rich Eye Cream* and it's super rich, creamy formula for a helping hand. I have noticed a difference in it de-puffifying (that's a word right?) my eyes, and with the formula being so intense, this product is set to last a very long time. Extra tip, put this in the fridge for 5 mins before applying for an extra cooling/de-puffifying effect!

When it comes to haircare, I've been super lazy and have been putting off a trip for the hairdresser's for months now. So my split ends are looking very worse for wear, so any products that can fake how healthy my hair is, I welcome with open arms. I've been using L'OrĂ©al's Elvive Dream Lengths Long Hair Mask for a couple of months now on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, which is enriched with keratin, vitamins and castor oil and makes my ends feel that much stronger. For heat protection and what's really hiding how split my ends are/making them look like they've been stuck together again is the Charles Worthington Grow Strong Longer & Stronger Protein Treatment*. This cream leaves your hair smelling like you've just walked out the salon and I swear it actually somehow dries your hair faster? To finish off after blow drying (or leaving it to mostly dry in plaits), I'm using the Uka Windy Lady Hair Oil* (which adds a comical touch to your daily routine if your humour is as immature as mine), to smooth my hair and give it a bit of shape. It's a really lightweight formula, which adds a bit more moisture to my dry ends, reduces the static from brushing and also has a beautiful fragrance which I thought was of fresh daisies but turns out it's actually ylang ylang, lavender and sandalwood. Either way, this paired with the Charles Worthington Treatment means (I think) my hair smells amazing right now, so consider this an open invitation to come over and sniff it for yourself and I promise to not find it creepy.

Last but not least is the beautiful Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 4 Palette*. I posted a full review of the Ambient Lighting Surreal Edit Palette back in 2016 (read here if you fancy), and it was the first luxury palette I had spent my hard earnt cash on from my first ~proper~ job. This edition is just as good, if not better as it offers two setting powders as opposed to one. The yellowey toned Diffused Light is my favourite of the 6, as it helps conceal my redness, blur imperfections (including my large pores) and as with all the powders, softens the complexion whilst adding a subtle glow. This palette offers a new formula bronzer and coral blusher - Filtered Bronze Light and Luminous Glow, both of which are lovely. I'm a big fan of this palette, even if the packaging makes me look a little obnoxious when I do my makeup on the tube!

Have you tried any of these products before? What products have you been loving recently?  
Let me know!


Disclaimer: products marked with an asterix* were gifted to me through my full-time job (and not for blogging purposes), however all love of these products is my own

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