Skincare Saviours For Dry Skin

21 May 2017

So I may have shot these pictures a while back with the intention of naming this post something along the lines of 'Skincare Saviours for the Colder Months' - but as the British can't really make up it's mind when it comes to summer and my skin seems to be fluctuating between being oily to combination to dry, I thought I'd pop up this post to share the products I turn to when my skin misbehaves and dries out. These products are available all year round, but are great for incorporating into your skincare routine when it gets colder or equally great at prolonging a summer tan. 

Let's start clockwise from the top with Avène's Clearance EXPERT. Despite being made for acne-prone and oily complexions like my own, this moisturiser is rather rich in it's formula - but in a good way. As my skin grew immune to La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Duo [+], I sought out a replacement that would combat my spots but also cater to my skin becoming drier throughout winter and stumbled upon Avéne's Clearance range (which saves me about 50p for a moisturiser and every little helps right?). Anyhow, as a French pharmaceutical product, of course it works wonders. This moisturiser has really helped to clear up my complexion and unclog my pores, as well as regulating the production of oil around my T-zone, leaving my skin mattifyed (if that's a word?), hydrated, soft and smooth. The cream also claims that it exfoliates the skin too, but I haven't found this with my skin and so I'd recommend using an exfoliating toner with this to remove any flakey bits of skin.

Another great product for oily skin (and I imagine all skin types really), is the Super Facialist by Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil. I feel like I have banged on about this holy-grail status worthy cleanser a fair few times (have a read here), but I feel like it needs another little ode so here goes... With an oily complexion, I always used to shy away from facial oils, believing the skincare myths that these would only make my T-zone produce more oil, but in fact it doesn't at all and the formula is pretty lightweight. The more you massage this into your skin, the more radiance this cleanser injects into my complexion. As well as Vitamin C this formula contains olive, grapeseed, rosemary, cucumber and rosehip oils so understandably moisturises the skin but despite this, it doesn't overload the skin with moisture. After using this my skin feels refreshed and cleansed of impurities - it's also amazing at dissolving stubborn makeup including waterproof mascara, so I tend to use this as a primary cleanser before a facial wash. 

Another product I have previously raved about is Lush's Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (links here). This is another product that has won holy-grail status in my eyes as it works so well as an in-shower/bath quick fix for dry skin - especially if moisturising after you shower/bathe is a step you tend to skip (like me, worst-beauty-blogger-ever-alert). Think of it as an equivalent of hair conditioner for your body in that you rub it into wet skin, leave it for a couple mins and then rinse it off.. The formula is packed with moisture giving ingredients including argan oil (ofc), almond oil, organic brazil but oil, rose oil, geranium oil, lemon oil, cocoa butter, cupuacu butter and shea butter. This little pot of luxury leaves your skin feeling super soft, supple and radiant - definitely worth the £16.50 price tag.

Last but not least is the beauty classic Bio-Oil. Although this oil is better known for its results in reducing scars and stretch marks, it can also be used for uneven skin-tone, aging skin and dehydrated skin too and used as an after-sun treatment or bath oil. It has a lovely fruity and floral scent to it, combining lavender oil, rosemary oil, calendula oil and chamomile oil, meaning that Bio-Oil is packed with calming ingredients and vitamins to help soothe problem areas of the skin. If my skin is extremely dry, this is the product I turn to to rejuvenate it - key areas I use this are my knee caps, feet, elbows and over my keratosis pilaris on my upper arms. 

Have you tried any of these products and if you have, what do you think of them? Can you recommend any skincare saviours of your own to help combat dry skin?
C x

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