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1 January 2017

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life... etc etc. Anyhow HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Even though I do think a New Year's Eve night out can be a bit overrated, in that you have such high expectations of it, spend a load of money on a ticket and then it usually isn't that amazing; I am a big fan of a new year and what it represents. 

In the past I have set myself some pretty radical New Year's Resolutions, in terms of suddenly cutting out food groups or doing squats everyday, and I end up forgetting about them or just giving in and then getting frustrated at myself for not being able to keep up my Resolutions. I didn't really set resolutions last year, thinking that there was no point buying into the "new year, new me" fa├žade as I knew I wasn't going to instantly change overnight. But this year I want to set myself some goals for things I want to achieve by the end of the year. Although most of these are pretty vague (to help myself keep to them), I feel like these goals a good place to start in terms of leading a happier, healthier life.

Take More Time to Look After Myself
Now this encompasses everything from beauty, sleep, exercising to healthy eating (see what I mean about vague?). In today's world it's easy to lose time scrolling through social media or slumped in front of the TV - or that might just be me when I get in from a tiring day at work? Either way I just want to take more time for myself like painting my nails and doing face masks on a regular basis, go to more exercise classes during the week, use my time to look up healthy recipes or just wear my retainers every night (lol). I basically just want to ensure I do more for me, and create me-time during the day. As cringe as it sounds your body is the only permanent home you get, so I want to ensure that I look after my mind, body and soul the best that I can - oh and get more toned and shift the weight I gained my eating my emotions at university, you know the drill. 

Stop Comparing Myself to Others
Without meaning to, I pretty much compare myself to others around round me in nearly every aspect of my life; whether that be in my career, love life or even my Instagram following. Too often I think:
 "Ooh so and so is on a salary double mine, why did I chose to go into media when there's more money elsewhere"
"*insert name here* has been promoted twice, but I'm still interning"
"This girl's got another boyfriend, where does she meet them?!?"
"How has *insert name* grown her Instagram/Blog Following so quickly?"
A lot of my perspective, self-reflection and comparison comes from social media. I'm not wholly criticising social media as overall I do love what can come out of it and without it I'd probably be unemployed, but it can be easy to forget that people only post about a third of the real story on there. Pretty much everyone will be going through something that I or you won't know about, nor will they post it online. I am a big believer in the phrase "Comparison is the thief of joy", but sometimes I do need a little reminder to take some time out and really focus on myself, rather than the success and progress of others. Life is not a race, nor should it be. I've still got plenty of time to achieve my dreams and I'd much rather work my way slowly up into a career I love, than in a job I hate, earning a big wad of cash. So yeah, this year I just to live by "you do you" and work hard to achieve my dreams rather than compare my starting destination to someone's mid-way point. 

Worry a Whole Lot Less
Too often I find myself getting anxious or worrying about things I personally can't control. When someone tells me "pull yourself together" or "just get on with it" it doesn't really work for me and sometimes the most random of things will make me feel on edge. Consequently, this year I want to attempt to be more carefree, think less of what people think of me and live my life to the fullest that I can, without worrying or anxious thoughts holding me back from doing what I want or speaking up.  

Save Some Pennies
So this is a bit of a basic, traditional resolution but by the end of the year I hope to have saved a bit of money. At the moment I'm living back at home, and luckily my parents aren't asking me to pay any board or bills (well yet anyway), so currently my income is a bit disposable and I just spend all of it on TFL and clothes and makeup bits I think I need. Don't get me wrong, it's not as though I have a great amount of income to save from, as I am only getting paid an intern salary, but I want to save nonetheless and get myself closer to being able to afford to move out (if that will ever happen in London). I also want to save some money to visit my best friend who has packed up her bags and moved to sunny Dubai and I need to save up to pay off the rest of my Glastonbury ticket (eek!).

I said to myself once I finish uni, get myself a proper job and routine, that I will find the time to volunteer again. Over university and even my school days, I did a lot of volunteering, but since moving back home I've found little time to even research where to volunteer and who for. So this year I want to set a goal to do some more and give back to the community. At times it is important to be a bit selfish and put yourself first (see my top two resolutions), but it is also important to remember others. So by the end of the year, I will hopefully be doing some sort of volunteer work or be involved in a cause as opposed to being a bit of a slacktivist by signing all the petitions online without following through.

Thank you for reading! I feel like sharing my resolutions online makes me more likely to follow through with them, and if anything it gives me something to look back on when the year is through. I hope you all have a wonderful new year ahead of you and that this year you achieve everything you want to!

What are your resolutions for 2017? And what do you think to mine?
C x


  1. Great list, i need to start saving the pennies too :)

    & Much love,

    1. Thanks Terri and thank you so much for reading!! I think saving money is a bit of a bog-standard new year's resolution/goal for a lot of people but good luck with your saving! I think I might purchase a good ol' fashioned piggy bank to help me keep to it :) x

  2. Loved this post girl! Comparing is the killer of joy - indeed. That's why I have it on my 2017 goal-list as well. If only it wasn't so hard :D

    Love, Kerstin

    1. Aw thank you so much Kerstin! I think comparison is good in the sense that it can give you inspiration to better yourself, but when it makes you reflect upon yourself in a negative light that's where it becomes unhealthy. So I'm aiming to stop doing it. Good luck with your resolutions Kerstin and thank you for reading :) x

  3. Loved reading this post! I think it is so important to go into the new year with goals! Definitely agree with the 'stop comparing myself to others' goal, as comparing can really lower your confidence! I actually just wrote a post on goals for the new year over on my blog -
    http://www.greenteavogueandme.com , it would be great if you could check it out!

    Maija Lily Xx

    1. Aw thank you Maija, so glad that you enjoyed this post! Yes I agree, sometimes there's nothing worse than having a comparison demon. Thanks for stopping by on my blog :) x

  4. Love your photography! One of my goals is definitely to stop comparing myself to others, and focus on just doing me. Volunteer is such a nice goal too! I volunteered quite a bit last year and the year before so I'll have to find something to do this year too! Happy new year :)

    Y x The Sweet Seven Five

    1. Aw thank you so much Yasmin! Ah glad we have some similar goals, volunteering is definitely high on my list as it is so rewarding and so lovely to see that you have helped someone or a particular cause. Good luck with your new year goals and Happy New Year to you too! :) x


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