Easter Break to the South-West of France: A Photo Diary from Capestang, Carcassonne, Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and Arles

22 May 2016

So here are a few snaps from my recent trip to Southwestern France and as you can see I got a little snap-happy and ended up taking a lot of pictures. We flew into Montpellier at the beginning of April and stayed at the Château Les Carrasses which is situated on a hill just outside of Capestang, near Béziers. The hotel was beautiful, stunning even, and we stayed in our own little self-catered house. Throughout the week long trip we only had two and a half solid days of sunshine so that's why a lot of these shots are in the doom and gloom, but it was nice to getaway from the stress of uni life as I'm currently drowning in assignments. Whilst staying in Capestang we drove to the medieval town of Carcassonne which was lovely and we made the most of the sun whilst it showed its face. 

Although there wasn't a whole lot going on in Capestang, during our visit, I'd love to go back when it's warmer as the grounds of the Chateau were amazing and who knew greenhouse goals were a thing? Our next stop was in the town of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, in the Camargue region. This area is famous for it's swamp lands and wild horses. We did manage to spot a few wild horses but most of these have been captured and domesticated for hose-riding lessons for tourists. Staying close to the swamp lead to a lot of Shrek related lolz, and whilst there we took another day trip to another old town, Arles. As the birthplace of Vincent Van Gogh there were a lot of homages to the painter, and we stopped by the yellow cafe that features in one of his famous paintings. Hotel-wise we stayed in L'Auberge Cavalière du Pont des Bannes, which had some questionnable bathroom arrangements (there was no door) and their own stables. I reckon this is somewhere I would have found magical as a kid, but honestly I felt so much more at home at the previous hotel, which I stumbled upon as being featured in Elle Magazine's travel section when I returned to the UK. 

We only discovered the beautiful beach of Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer as we were leaving which was a bit of a shame. I did attempt to vlog my trip but with uni being crazy at the minute (and me writing this as a form of procrastination) I've still not got round to compiling the footage. As it will have been my first ever vlog though, it may never see the light of day/the internet so I can't promise anything.

Have you ever visited the South West of France? And would you be interested in seeing a vlog of this trip? Let me know!
C x


  1. I've never been to the South West of France but from your photos it looks beautiful there! I love how you can tell those places have so much history to them as well- that's what I love about Europe!

    I think a vlog would be really fun to watch as well :)


    1. It really is a beautiful region (when the sun's shining)! Yeah I love visiting a good medieval city, because you can really tell the history behind it. Aw thank you and thanks for reading and commenting as always :) x

  2. Aww I love that little horse post box - so adorable aww. I have visited France, but not the South-west. Do put your vlog together if you can - would be lovely to see :) x


    1. Yeah it literally is the cutest post box isn't it? I had no idea they even could be cute haha. Yeah I've been lucky to go to France a fair few times but never to this region and it certainly was interesting. Ooh thanks, I will try and put it together when I get a chance - nice to know there's some interest for it :) x

  3. Amazing photos :)
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