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28 July 2014

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to T in the Park (a Scottish based music festival for those of you that don’t know) and I loved it. It was the first camping music festival I have been to, and I remembered reading somewhere that white nails are a great festival trend. This is because the white varnish catches the UV light found in music tents or off stages, and glows a bluey hue in the dark. I thought this was a great trick and really wanted to try it out myself, but I decided to jazz it up a little by adding a glitter polish over the top. 

The white I chose is the much-raved-about Blanc by Essie. I knew white would be quite a difficult colour to pull off, so this is why I opted for a pricier polish than normal. My mum actually bought this polish for me as a birthday present, but ordering it online (from god knows where) it has turned out to be the older design of brush that Essie no longer sell. The brush in my polish is a lot narrower than those currently on sale, so I did find the varnish a bit more difficult to apply. To avoid streaks in the pale polish, I applied three quite thick coats and I feel that the finish was nice overall. 

The glitter polish was also a birthday present from Grace (who also has a beauty blog here) and is Butter London’s Lovely Jubbly (such a cute name!). The polish is very opaque and because I wanted the white to show through the sparkles, I painted on a really thing coat over the top. The shade is predominantly purple, but it is also composed of red, blue and magenta micro-glitter making it very detailed and pretty polish. The only down-side to Butter London though, are their prices. However, they offer beautiful shades and something you would not find as part of cheaper nail stall - I feel that with these you pay that little bit extra for great quality, so I think it's worth the splurge once in a while. 

The base and top coat I used to seal the deal (haha) was Rimmel's Nail Nurse. I really enjoy using this top/base coat, as I feel it has protected my nails from discolouring and makes my polish last much longer than it would alone. I've not been the biggest user of base and top coat nail polishes in recent years (big mistake), but I would strongly recommend this as I believe it does what it says on the tin/label. 

Has anyone tried any of these polishes? And what is your favourite nail look for a festival? 


  1. Ughhhh I just read your last post about the Benefit pub and I'm so annoyed I didn't go in when we walke d past it the other day! Damnit. Anywho, I love what you've done with your nails here and I wish mine were long enough to recreate it! I've been craving Essie Blanc for so long now. xxx

    Chloe @ The Little Plum

    1. Ah no! Well the Benepub is open for a couple more weeks now, so if you're near the area before then I'd really recommend popping in :) Aw thank you so much! My nails haven't been this length for a while, I always find that my nails grow so much more when they are painted. I had my eye on Blanc for a while and eventually caved, but if you are looking for a cheaper white I'd also recommend the Barry M Gelly polish in Coconut :) xxx


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