Gabbi's Head | A Visit to Benefit's Pop-up World Cup Pub

16 July 2014

*Warning* this post contains pink, pink and more pink *

The Saturday before last me and my friend Natsumi headed down to Convent Garden (Drury Lane to be precise), to visit the pub that Benefit Cosmetics have taken over for a month to celebrate the World Cup. I had read about it on a couple of blogs, and Natsumi had seen a clip of it on YouTube, and mutually we decided we had to go.

Appropriate flags on the tables, as Belgium were platting Argentina that day!

Benefit have completely revamped the first floor of the Princess of Wales, to create a girly haven for those wanting to watch both the World Cup and Wimbledon. Although both these tournaments are now over, due to its massive popularity, Benefit have decided to keep the pub open for another month after its original closing date of the 13th of July. When we visited it was the day of the women's finals at Wimbledon and to celebrate the pub served up free strawberries and cream.

Alongside this, they have come up with three signature cocktails and two chicken burgers as well as some other nibbles and sharing platters. So we strolled up to the bar to order our Rasp-Bene Mojitos, which as you can probably guess is Benefit's spin on a raspberry mojito and these were served in pretty jam-jar-like glasses. At £7.50 its not the cheapest cocktail I've had, but it was a beauty special occasion and it is the price you would normally expect anywhere in London.

My company for the day

As everything was just so pretty, every second seemed like a photo opportunity! Oh and I've forgotten to mention, alongside the food and drink, Benefit also offer free makeovers and Brow treatments at Gabbi's Head. Instead of asking for money, they suggest you to donate to the charity Refuge which  offers support for victims of domestic abuse. Whilst sipping on our cocktails, Natsumi and I put our names down for the makeovers, but as a large hen party was visiting at the time we had quite a long wait. In the meantime, we grew peckish and so we ordered The Italian Burger to share.

The chicken burger was in a brioche bun topped with pancetta and mozzarella, and was served with some gorgeous sweet potato fries. The burger was delicious and while we were waiting one of the waitresses brought out another portion of strawberries and cream - and we didn't even ask! All the staff were so friendly, so it made the experience even more enjoyable.

The Benefit make-up artist went over every step and product used in the makeover, and shared some great makeup tips and tricks with us. This is Natsumi having her makeover done, and the end result! I think that the Dandelion blush works really well with her skin tone.

Benefit were also selling their products with a 10% discount, and as I really liked the way the recently launched They're Real! push up liner looked (and after reading all the buzz on beauty blogs about it) I had to purchase it.

Even the toilets were fully revamped and kitted out! Baskets were filled with hairspray, dry shampoo, deodorant and plasters, and compliments were all over the walls. So handy and cute, we couldn't help but take a few selfies....

Overall, it was a lovely summer day out. With free entry and no need to book, I definitely recommend visiting this beauty haven while it lasts!!

Has anyone else been to Gabbi's Head? Or do you have any Benefit products that you'd recommend?


  1. OMG that is so cute!! I wish we had that around here! I'm so jealous it looks like such a fun time (:

    Krissy |

    1. Aw yes it was such a cute and girly place :) but its such a shame they've currently only got something like it in London. Hopefully they'll something like this soon in a different location x

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