Pamper Evening with Lush

16 June 2014

To celebrate returning home for the summer, I thought I'd treat myself to some bath products seeing as having a bath is off limits in student living. So before leaving Newcastle, I popped into Lush's Eldon Square store and picked up A French Kiss bubble bar and the Sex Bomb bath bomb. The two products worked so well together, but I will give each of them a little review of their own.

But before I do review the bar and bomb, first of all I should warn you that I love Lush (see my review of their Mr. Punch soap where I also raved about the company). This is down to a number of reasons, and here are just a few: the beautifully scented products, how well they work, the amazing customer service and in general, the ethics of the company are also great; they do their bit for charity, fight animal testing, make sure their products are completely vegetarian, buy all of their ingredients ethically and use recycled packaging. So as an eco and animal friendly beauty brand, Lush definitely get my vote.

A French Kiss: I have tried a fair few of Lush's bubble bars in my time, I have loved them all and this was no exception. The twisted shape resembles a meringue and with a strand of lavender poking out of it, the flower stands as a reminder of how fresh all of Lush's products are. After the journey home, the majority of the flowers had fallen off, so I chucked these in the water. To create the bubble bath I broke off part of the bar, and crumbled it under running warm water. A little bit went a long way, so I can see me using this for a while. The lavender oil created a relaxing scent which is perfect after a stressful day of travelling and last minute packing. The oil is also used to treat sore skin and burns, and this worked well with the virgin coconut oil to help nourish and soothe my skin. This didn't leave a greasy feel after climbing out of the tub and I had no need to apply moisturiser either.

Sex Bomb: It is taking all my energy to stop myself from typing out Tom Jones lyrics to this cheekily named bath bomb, but phwoar the scent of this was lovely!! This, as well as a French Kiss, is supposed to help relieve stress and with floral notes of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage it did exactly that. As the pink and purple fizzled away, the hard rose softened and opened up to a soft, pretty soap. It left my bath water a beautiful pinky purple colour, and as a girly girl who wouldn't want a pink bath?

I would go as far as saying this was one of the best baths I have ever had, and I see myself repurchasing these over and over again. What are your favourite lush goodies? And what are your favourite products for unwinding after a stressful day?

ps. Sorry for the missing blogposts on Wednesday and Sunday. On Wednesday I was out on this beautiful beach....

and the rest of the week I was packing and then had a terrible migraine on Sunday and was ill in bed all day. But to get back on schedule, I will be posting 3 more articles this week so keep your eyes peeled!

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