Quick Update

7 June 2014

Due to dreadful essays and exams over the past couple of months, I have been neglecting Charlotte's Road really badly. So after my break from blogging, I am now back. Summer has finally begun and I can now commit more of my time to my little blog and schedule posts, as I have now have such a backlog of posts waiting to go up. With this I now plan on posting at least every Sunday and Wednesday, and if I fancy it I may do a few little others during the course of the week.

Tomorrow's post will be on a recent trip I took to Sushisamba in London, and the beautiful tree above is part of their roof terrace bar.

To the regular readers I have (if there are any?) you may have noticed the little layout change, and I now have a new banner which I designed myself. The banner may be updated again soon, as I'm not completely happy with how grey it is but it took me ages so its gone up!

Hope you like the new layout and here are a few pictures from the posts that will be up on here in the next few weeks.

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