Concealers on a Budget: Seventeen Phwoarr Paint and Collection Lasting Perfection

10 May 2014

In all honesty I have been avoiding concealer for quite a few years now due to the mistakes made in my early teens with heavy stick concealers. Instead I was using a combination of BB Cream and building up foundation over the problematic areas of my face, which I realise was also a mistake as sometimes I would end up resembling an oompa-loompa. However, back in January I finally took the plunge and decided to try out concealer once again; I bought these two budget concealers because of the rave reviews they had received on British beauty blogs, and luckily there wasn't a stick in sight. 

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint: On the packaging this product claims to be a 'heavy duty under eye concealer' and as a sufferer of bags and dark under-eye shadows I knew this was a concealer worth trying in a bid to rid myself of tired looking eyes. The orange hue to the product does well to counter the blue tones under the eyes, but being a high street brand Seventeen have limited the shades on offer to 'Fair' and 'Medium'. Nevertheless, I find the 'Fair' shade to work well with my pinky skin tone and the creamy consistency means that it blends well over the skin. It is because of this creamy formulation that this concealer has been claimed to be a dupe of Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer, but having never tried it myself I can't vouch for this. The heavy coverage can also work wonders on very stubborn spots when used with a concealer brush (I use the RealTechniques Detailer Brush for this), and so its purpose is definitely not reserved for covering up under eye circles. Although the name is considered cringeworthy by some, its practical packaging saves the concealer; its compact size and handy mirror has seen the product become a staple in my handbag for on-the-go top ups. 

Collection Lasting Perfection: Although I don't think this concealer has ever lasted the full sixteen hours it claims to stay for, this is also a brilliant high coverage concealer for a very small price. At £4.19 Lasting Perfection is cheaper than the first but I find it a bit more difficult to apply because a little bit definitely goes a long way. To avoid your makeup looking 'cakey' I'd recommend not using the doufer applicator this concealer comes with; while the spongey brush is great for a few dots under the eyes, it is too heavy to dab on spots alone and so again I use my RealTechniques Detailer Brush to work a light layer over the blemishes and imperfections my foundation fails to hide. For me, the most loveable aspect of this product is its light liquid consistency, so despite the heavy coverage it doesn't feel too thick on my face. I chose the 'Fair' shade, and although it is quite a bit lighter than my foundation (I normally wear MAC's Studio Fix in NW15) and the Phwoarr Paint, it blends really well so this slight miss-match is almost invisible to the naked eye and if anything it helps awaken tired-looking eyes. The only disappointment I have had when using this product is its packaging, as I probably expected too much from the cheap price-tag. All the writing you now see on the tube has completely rubbed off, and this happened quite gradually; being the clumsy person I am, I didn't realise the writing came off onto my hands at first, which resulted in a beauty blunder with black all over my face. So when buying this concealer, it is worth looking out for this. 
Swatches from Left to Right: Collection Lasting Perfection in Fair and Seventeen Phwoarr Paint in Fair
The Verdict: Overall I think these are great concealers and since trying them they have become staples in my makeup bag, and my faith in concealer has been restored! In direct comparison the Collection Lasting Perfection probably comes out on top with a slightly lower price and more choice of shades. Though I currently alternate my use of these products, summer is on the horizon so I predict I'll be using the Collection concealer more because it feels that much lighter on the skin. However, I still really recommend Seventeen's Phwoarr Paint to try as well!

Are there any other budget/drugstore concealers you'd recommend?
Or do you think that its worth spending more on an expensive and possibly better quality concealer? 

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