Easter Egg Inspired Nails

16 April 2014

So, this post was meant to be a part of my ‘Nails on Sunday’ series but thanks to dodgy wifi over the past few days (thanks Virgin Media) I’ve unfortunately only been able to upload it today. But here you go, my own nail art inspired by those colourful cartoon Easter Eggs everyone drew when we were kids.

The design I had in mind didn’t go to plan as I was going to put one dot above and below the central line, but with the watery consistency of my old nail art pen, it didn’t look very nice at all. I opted for pastel colours for the base, as I thought it gave the look a spring feel. The varnishes I used for these were Collection's Hot Looks Nails in Candy Floss and Barry M's Nail Paint in Peach Melba. I bought the Collection polish when my student funds were running low and I loved the colour of Candy Floss at just £1.99. But for the bargain price the polish doesn't really deliver, it takes about three coats to get the best pigment and even then it still can appear quite streaky. I've also found that the Peach Melba Nail Paint can also be quite streaky, but I think that the chalky pastel shades bring out the brush marks, as I don't have this problem with any other Barry M paints I own. 

To create the gold strip across the nail, I dipped a cocktail stick into my Topshop Solar Polish (which you can read my review of here) and dragged the flat side along the middle of the nail to create two lines. This was to act as an upper and lower barrier, for me to then paint a horizontal line across the nail with my polish's brush. To ensure that this wasn't too messy I removed any excess polish off of the brush beforehand. 

After these little gold strips had dried I used my Nail Art pen to create the zig-zags. I originally picked this squeezy pen up in Topshop and this came in a dual pack with the gold edition. I find this quite a messy applicator to use, but once mastered it works a treat when using it with your writing hand. To help me out on my right nails, I placed dots along the gold strip to help guide the line to where it would go.

I realise that this look may look more like a pastel, funky Egyptian look than Easter eggs, but I thought it was a fun way to shake up a dull manicure.
From left to right: Collection Hot Looks Nails in Candy Floss, Barry M Nail Paint in Peach Melba, Topshop Nails in Solar, and Black Art pen by Nail Art
I am aware that this look is far from perfect, and I am not claiming to be a nail artist by any means. I just thought I'd share with you what I had done to get myself in the holiday mood and maybe help inspire someone to do some cute Easter nail art too.

Have any of you got up to Easter themed nail art?

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