Review: Lush's Mr. Punch Soap

20 March 2014

I have been meaning to do this review for quite a while now as I received it as part of my Christmas present from my sister. I was very pleased when I found this under the tree, because to say I LOVE LUSH would be an understatement. It breaks my heart a little bit whenever I walk past one of their shops and have to keep going despite the gorgeous inviting scents pouring out the door, luring customers in. So this is what Mr Punch looks like: 

This particular piece was not actually cut down in the shop, which explains the odd shape. Nevertheless, this soap was appropriately named, smelling just like a summery fruit punch (minus the alcohol) and leaves your hands smelling just the same. This was a brilliant addition to my bathroom for that reason, as it was a hint of summer even on the greyest wintry days, or as the website calls it 'sunshine on a rainy day'. Another great aspect of the soap, is that it doesn't dry out my skin. Sometimes I can find soaps to leave the skin on my hands feeling tight, but this on the other hand was quite moisturising. The only downside to this product is the mess it leaves behind, as unfortunately its left little purple pieces of melted soap on the side of my sink. So a soap dish is a must with this, but it would be worth investing in quite a cheap dish, just because the soap itself is lovely. So if you are looking for a new Lush product to try or a quick pick-me-up I'd definitely recommend this. 

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