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17 February 2014

When I started up this blog at the end of December, I didn't quite anticipate abandoning it for so long or posting as little as I have been doing. Unfortunately I was overwhelmed by my second year exams in January and then straight after finishing, I got involved with RAG (Raising and Giving) Week, which was an amazing experience but it left me with no time to spare. As I'm starting to get back on track with my work, and trying to sort out work experience for the summer, I thought I'd start scheduling my posts and make sure I write more, as it is something I really enjoy.

I am now aiming to post at least twice a week, and introducing a new weekly post: Nails on Sunday. My weekly post is just to ensure I get the ball rolling again and I thought it was a fun little title, on one of my favourite aspects of beauty!

So for those of you out there that actually read my blog, I am returning! And in the mean time, I have written a new article for the Beauty section of my university's newspaper on my three must-have products for the library here: http://thecourieronline.co.uk/glamour-crammer/. I hope you like it!

Lots of love, Charlotte xx

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