New Year's Resolutions

6 January 2014

I have been looking forward to the new year for a little while now, and I'm determined to make 2014 a whole lot better than 2013. January is the time for a fresh start, but I hope that I can stick to my resolutions for the whole year and seize the day (or year?). So here they are:

  1. To know when enough is enough: I have always been a tolerant person, forgiving others fairly easily, and I never saw this as a negative attribute or flaw until the end of 2013. Sometimes it can be too easy to give those that were once close to you too many second chances, especially if they have changed and you prefer to see them as the person they used to be. However, a relationship of any sort should only bring something positive to your life, it shouldn't be there to make you feel upset or act as a burden to keep going. There is also a limit to how much drama you can take, so sometimes it can be best to walk away. Life is too short to be sad for too long, so this year I aim to live a bit more in the present, and move on from the past. 
  2. Take the 365 challenge: taking a picture everyday: This is a lot more light hearted resolution! I find I never take enough photos, and so never have enough memories recorded. In forcing myself to take at least one picture everyday, I'll hopefully erase this problem! And as motivation to keep doing it, I'll post weekly updates of my photos on here. 
  3. Eat less chocolate: Pretty much the most obvious resolution ever, but I do need to cut down on my chocolate intake. But with exams and stress coming up in the next few weeks though, I'm not sure how I'll keep up with this one. Last year I managed to go a whole month without it, in an attempt to lose weight just before my birthday, but I ended up replacing it with other junk after the first week of fruit. So I'm hoping to moderate my slight addiction. 
  4. Wake up earlier: Like every other typical teenager, I love to sleep. But I'm finding now, that if I sleep for too long I end up feeling groggy and sleepy for the rest of the day. Also, by waking up early I'm hoping to make better use of the day and morning, as I think I'm at my most productive in the mornings (or really late at night). 
  5. Try something new every week: Hopefully by making this resolution weekly, it'll be easier to keep. I'm finding that now, more than ever, I'm sticking to the same old habits and familiar places so I think its time to try some new things, and make new traditions. My 'new thing' of the week will either be trying a new place to eat/drink, new hairstyle, new make up technique or just doing something completely random. Sometimes its easy to forget the world is your oyster, so I plan on claiming my oyster back. 

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