365 Challenge: Week 1

11 January 2014

1st of January: Saw in new year at the Love Boat party at the Queen of Hoxton, so the above picture was taken just after midnight. As my best friend Grace from uni was down in London for a short stay, during the afternoon we went for a walk and coffee down in South Kensington and Knightsbridge, with a quick look at the Harrods sale. Then returned home for a gammon dinner courtesy of my mum, at which we started on the 'hair of the dog' with the Peach Bellini fizzy. And then went for cheeky drinks in Camden, at the Ice Wharf and then the Blues Kitchen for cocktails. 
2nd of January: Had a lie-in before giving Grace a lift to Euston for her train home. Then had a quick trip to Regent's Park, and walked down to Regent Street for a quick browse. In the evening did some work for uni and watched The Reluctant Fundamentalist film with the family (as I was writing my essay on the book), but clearly someone found it boring.  
3rd of January: Spent the majority of the day essay writing and procrastinating, but either way I was super cozy in my new Sazac kangaroo onesie. As one of my last days at home before returning to Newcastle, I made sure I made the most of my bath and Christmas presents, so I had a mini-pamper night. In my bath I crumbled my Christmas Eve bubble bar and used my Titsy Tosty bath bomb, both by Lush. 

4th of January: Main event of the day: getting my hair cut at The Kieran Group in Marylebone. Got a lot more cut off then I was expecting, but I was wanting to do something new, so was pretty pleased with the outcome. 
5th of January: In the morning we were paid a visit from the neighbour's gorgeous cat called Gomez. Then went into town to get a late Christmas present with my student card. Shortly after took the tube back up to Finchley to have a much needed catch up with my best friend Natsumi as I hadn't seen her all holiday. Costa probably wasn't ready for all our gossip and laughter. Then returned home to help my sister with her A-Level art, and starred in her photo-shoot before packing my bags for the next day's trip back to Newcastle. 
6th of January: Last minute packing in the morning before saying goodbye to the family. Met my other best friend Katya for lunch at King's Cross station for another last minute catch up, as she had been away for the holiday. We ate at Giraffe Stop, where I had a delicious Chicken BLT. This is a view from my train window, the sun setting through the rain over York. 
7th of January: I forgot just how cold it gets in a Newcastle student house, so the left picture is of me in all my layers before my revision lectures later that day. It was a pretty boring day, and had a late night session in the library doing my essay. During this time, I was receiving snapchats from my sister of my adorable puppy. 

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