Sushisamba: Dinner on the 38th Floor

8 June 2014 Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY, UK

Nearly a month ago back in the Easter holidays, I finally visited the famous Sushisamba restaurant situated on the 38th floor of the Heron Building, near Liverpool Street. It was a bit of a treat as me and my friend Katya were in desperate need of a catch-up (and essay break) over a couple of cocktails, and that's exactly what we did. 

We went to the restaurant in the early evening as we had only reserved our table the night before, so if you are thinking of going, book early. The evening sun, however, really lit up the place and watching the sun set over the city was lovely! The samba music in the background added to the sunny vibe and the decor of bamboo and cascading lightbulbs was amazing. The restaurant's menu is formed from a fusion of Japanese, Peruvian and Brazilian cuisine and the cocktail menu also reflected this. All the cocktails are priced at £13; I chose the Batida de Mango (top picture) and Katya went for the Nashi Martini. Both drinks were really refreshing, and were (thankfully for the price) very alcoholic. 

Raw Dish: Sashimi Seviche Tuna
Samba Rolls: Pink = Samba London and Green = Ezo and Small Plate: Tuna Taktaki
The waiter recommended choosing six plates for a full meal, however being on a student budget and with the dishes being very expensive for their small size, we opted for four instead. The restaurant ensures that every plate comes out as soon as it is ready so we really weren't waiting long and the staff were all lovely. Although there was not a lot of it, the food was surprisingly filling and all of the dishes we tried were amazing. The names of the dishes went for can be seen in the photos' captions, and we chose one 'raw dish', one 'small plate' and two helpings of 'samba rolls' (sushi). I would recommend every one of these as they were all delicious and none of them disappointed. 

After paying the quite hefty bill, we moved to the inside bar and then out onto the beautiful rooftop terrace for another cocktail. Inside there's a beautiful view of the Gherkin, the river and most of the city. From the terrace you can see out across the east of the city and its quite easy to spot the Olympic Park. It's on the terrace that the beautiful and quite famous lit up orange tree can be found, and it really is quite magical! Katya went for the Chucumber cocktail, and it pretty much tasted like it sounds and had cucumber as a main ingredient. I played it a bit more safe and went for the Shiso Fine. We then shamelessly took a few selfies and failed to take any serious ones.
The view of London from the glass lift

Overall, it was a really enjoyable evening at Sushisamba. However, it was expensive so save up in advance and maybe leave the trip for a special occasion. 

Has anyone else been to Sushisamba? What's your favourite restaurant in London? 


  1. OMG how gorgeous. I don't think I've ever dined so high... but what a beautiful view!

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from
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    1. Yeah the place really was gorgeous! I had never dined that high up either before going, and got a bit of vertigo going up and down in the glass elevator! But the view was definitely worth it :) thanks for your comment!


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