NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square

26 June 2014

I have lusted over NARS make-up for a very long time due to its pretty packaging and the luxurious feel of the products. After hearing rave reviews of this particular pencil in this shade, and with a handy Premier discount on ASOS, I finally took the plunge (into my wallet) and purchased this beautiful lipstick.

It was love at first application. Having it in the form of a pencil avoids the need for lip liner, and it is effortlessly easy to draw around the outline of the lips before filling it in. The consistency is gorgeously creamy, meaning that it will moisturise anyone's lips easily and stay put. This formula is very long lasting; feel free to eat and drink with this on and the colour will not budge.

The shade itself is a bright orangey-red and I feel the orange tones to Red Square make it that much more wearable than a typical, and possibly harsh, red lipstick. The matte quality of the lipstick also adds to the wearability, as it packs a punch and makes a statement without the in-your-face shine. The deep creamy consistency of the lip pencil did come as a surprise to me, considering that it was matte, but it does what it says in the title and really does feel like velvet on the lips.

So with its gorgeous colour, feel and longevity, this lip pencil has become a key staple in my make-up bag and now it is very rare to find me on a night out without this on my lips. Currently it is my number one, go-to lipstick and here's what it looks like on....

So what is your favourite lipstick at the moment? And have you tried any NARS lip products? Let me know in the comment box below!


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