How to Prep Your Limbs for Summer

23 June 2014

So this post is a little late in the making, but the sun keeps making an appearance and then hiding behind the clouds again here in England. But with the temperature hotting up, more of our skin is on show, and therefore a lot more maintenance is required for arms and legs. These are currently my four favourite products that are keeping my skin in tip-top condition, and I will talk you through the order in which I use them (cleanse, scrub, moisturise, tan) and why I love them so.

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil: I briefly mentioned this amazing shower gel in my mini haul from Paris and it has lived up to all expectations, so much so it has become one of my holy grail products (a blog post coming soon). The consistency of the oil is completely grease-free and even the smallest drop lathers up to a rich bubbly formula that helps replenish and restore the skin's moisture levels. I have also found that this oil is great for shaving your legs with, as it is thick enough to protect your skin from the razor and leaves your legs feeling silky smooth (and who doesn't want that?). Also if used by itself, the oil leaves a delicate (and delicious) almond fragrance on the skin, and so you feel fresh throughout the day/night.

Sanctuary Body Scrub: this scrub has the usual sanctuary scent to it which is also delightful - it is made up of patchouli, orange oil and natural pumice, so it's worth having a little sniff before purchasing. The gel-like consistency makes the product easy to use as it lathers up quickly, and the small micro-beads are gentle enough to allow for daily use of the scrub. In scrubbing away any dead skin, it gives way to a rejuvenated, refined and smooth arms and legs. This is in turn makes for the perfect preparation for fake tan, as it helps give a flawless finish and limits the chances of the tan going patchy or blotchy. Though if you are looking for a thicker and fruiter scrub (and looking to use it less frequently) I'd also recommend Soap and Glory's Pulp Friction. 

Lush Ro's Argon Body Conditioner: there has been quite the buzz on the beauty blogosphere about this product, and in my opinion it is worth the attention it has got so far. The pot shown in the picture is smaller than what is available in the store, as my mum received this in the Lush Christmas Set Winter Garden (and yes, I did steal it), but I definitely see myself repurchasing the bigger size when this one runs out. It works like a hair conditioner, in that you massage the product into wet skin and leave it for a minute or two before rinsing it off. It is packed full of nourishing oils and butters and I found that this truly leaves my skin feeling supple and radiant. I would go as far as saying that this is the best body moisturiser I have ever used as it leaves skin feeling soft throughout the day, and I've found that it combats problem areas such as dry elbows and knees like no other. And as with the other products so far, the conditioner smells lovely and smells like roses.

4) TAN
St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturiser: now this last step is optional to achieving summer-ready limbs, but being a little on the pale side, I find that I am more confident revealing a little more flesh when my skin has a more healthy looking glow (whether it be real or fake). This St. Tropez is the best tanning product I have come across so far, as I find it to be the most reliable in that it leaves a nice golden colour with no streaks. I go for the Medium/Dark shade just to ensure that the colour comes up a little quicker, as I am a little forgetful when it comes to applying a gradual tanning product a while in advance. When it comes to applying though, I cannot stress enough the power of the tanning mitt. Before going to uni I was unaware of how flawless and natural using a mitt could make a tan look, it makes applying it fool-proof. However, if I am looking for a an instant(ish) tan I turn to St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse which is more than half the price, and if used correctly also leaves skin glowing with a golden tone.

How do you prep your limbs for summer, and do you use these steps in this sequence? And are there any cleansing/scrub/moisturising/tanning products that you would strongly recommend?


  1. I couldn't agree more about Ro's Argon Body Conditioner! I am a proud owner of one too ;)

  2. Ah glad you enjoy it too! I absolutely love the smell and I think I'll be heading into Lush for a refill very soon :)


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