Parisian Purchases

12 April 2014

Although its not much, I thought I'd share my purchases from my trip to Paris. Two of them are directly beauty related and the others more homely. France is known for the high quality of its beauty products and so far, my new shower oil and anti-blemish cream have not disappointed.

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil: having read numerous amazing reviews on this oil, I thought it was high time I tried it for myself. Before trying it I was worried that the consistency of the product would be slippy or greasy (with it being an oil and all), but to my surprise the yellow oil turned into a thicker white and bubbly liquid after lathering it up. The light almond fragrance lingers on the skin for a while too, so is great for days when you forget to put on perfume but light enough that it won't alter your fragrance of choice either. However, it is the moisturising benefits of this shower oil that make it stand out. To test it fully I primarily used a body scrub before cleansing, and even after stepping out of the shower I didn't need to apply moisturiser - my skin felt that soft. Therefore, this oil is perfect for those days where you don't have time to moisturise or if you're just feeling a little lazy with your skincare routine. I feel this makes it a great product for summer when everyone starts to show more skin, because there's not much worse than showing off the flaky skin on your shins in a pretty skirt/dress. In Paris it was priced at €16 which saves just over £4 compared to the UK RRP, so definitely worth picking up if you are crossing over the Channel anytime soon.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo[+] Anti-Blemish Cream: due to the recently increased buzz around this product and with the launch of the [+] cream, the price for Effacer Duo has been on the rise. It is  currently priced at £15.50 on the Boots website (though I'm pretty sure I saw it to be more expensive in store), but in the French supermarket Monoprix I bagged the cream for €11.50, and when converted into pounds this is about a third of the UK price! Many beauty bloggers have proclaimed that this cream really does work and after a few applications, the redness and size of my blemishes have died down. If used in the morning, the cream doubles up as a primer, evening out the skin and minimising the look of pores. Nevertheless, I feel that my complexion has visibly got better when applying the cream at night. The light citrusy scent is also a dream, and I can't wait to see if this anti-blemish cream works in the longterm.

Durance Perfumed Handcraft Candle in Rose: if you read my previous blogpost you will know how much I loved the Durance shop, and I am really gutted that they don't have a branch here in the UK. If you are ever in Marseille, Paris, Lyon or Toulouse I really recommend stopping by, as their soaps, candles, lotions and potions are all reasonably priced and good quality. It took me ages to decide on a candle as so many of the scents were lovely, but in the end I played it safe and went for my favourite fragrance: rose. I really like the packaging for this, simple but elegant. The testers that you can see in the picture are all body lotions, and after testing a few in the shop, I can't wait to try these out - from left to right: moisturising perfumed body lotion in Cashmere Flower, organic nourishing body lotion with Honey Extract and organic nourishing body lotion with Fig Extract.

Disney Mug: after a day in Disneyland, a souvenir just had to be bought. In fact it may even be worth going there just for its shops, as many of the products aren't available in their international Disney stores. I opted for this cute mug, because as a child I just loved Winnie the Pooh (although Tigger was my fav character) and just look at his little face poking up at the bottom! With the colour being a sunshiny yellow, I think this will keep me smiling despite the endless piles of essays and revision I have to get through this holiday and when I return back to university at the end of the month. I also love the size of this mug as I drink so much, and so this will be aiding my caffeine intake.

Hope you enjoyed having a look at what I bought and what French things I recommend. Are there any French beauty products that you love and can recommend?


  1. Lovee the look of these products, I'm going back to Paris in June so will def be picking some of these up!
    You should try Avene's thermal water, it's delightful applying before makeup! And also Bioderma, great removing makeup! :-) xoxo

  2. Aw glad you found this post helpful! I have heard of thermal water and was looking at Bioderma's one, but didn't pick it up in the end. But yes I love Bioderma's Crealine Water because it is so gentle on the eyes! I didn't pick it up on this trip though, bought two bottles last July and still have loads left even though I use it nearly everyday :) xx


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