Nails on Sunday: Solar Eclipse | Topshop Metallic Nail Polish

30 March 2014

I love pretty much love all things Topshop: the clothes, shoes, jewellery and make-up! I've always joked around with my friends saying that if I had a sort of Narnia at the back of my wardrobe, it would lead to the Topshop Flagship store in Oxford Circus. Anyway, here are my top picks of their gorgeous metallic nail polishes: Solar and Eclipse.
[From left to right: Solar and Eclipse]

Both of these polishes were gifts, but I love how aptly named they are and the coincidence of the names going so well together. I'd describe Solar as an alien/mermaidy green. In the bottle it looks a lot more blue than it does after application, and instead it has a very gold tint to it, especially in the light. 

Eclipse looks more like it does in the bottle, and I'd describe it as a warm, sunset gold. Like Solar, the polish is two-toned and instead of gold being its second sheen, gold is its first colour and pink the second. 

I love how glossy these nail varnishes are, and with just two coats they give a lasting, metallic finish. It takes The only slight fault to them is when you hurriedly apply the polish, as the brush can leave quite prominent brush strokes if you don't take enough care. Overall, I'd really recommend trying the metallic range and the next shades I have my eye on are Blue on Blue and Hidden Treasure

ps. Sorry for the poor condition of my cuticles I have been neglecting them a bit
pps. I'm also sorry for the awkward hand positions, I'm still trying to master how to hold the bottle in a way that shows off the pretty polish

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